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Joint bars and bolts are used to fasten rails together. Tie plates and spikes attach rails and ties to produce track. Compromise bars join rails of unequal size.

Joint Bars
Illustrated Joint Barsare the three types of standard joint bars which are currently in service. Six-hole joint bars are provided for all crane rail and new tee rail sections over 100-lb. per yard. New rail 100-lb. per yard and less is furnished with four-hole joint bars. All relay rail is supplied with matching joint bars.

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Compromise Joints
Heat-treated compromise joints are used to connect and align rails of unequal size and drilling. A standard bar is re-formedCompromise Bar by a custom forging process in both the vertical and horizontal planes so that the gage and running surfaces of the joined rails are in true alignment.
Atlantic Track can also supply compromise weld joint kits or shop-fabricated transition rail joints as suitable alternates to the standard joint.

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Tie Plates
Tie plates fasten the rail to the tie and maintain gage and alignment of rails in track. Double ShoulderNew double shoulder tie plates are available for 5-1/2" and 6" base rail and are manufactured according to AREA specifications. Used double shoulder tie plates can be supplied to fit most rail bases. New single shoulder tie plates are no longer available, but they can be furnished as used and will fit any rail section.

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Crane rail bolts are medium carbon, heat treated per ASTM specification A-325 and are shipped complete with heavy Track Bolthex nuts and lockwashers. Tee rail requires standard button-head oval-neck track bolts with heavy square or hex nuts. Lockwashers are furnished on request.

Track spikes are produced from hot rolled steel bars and are shipped in 200-lb. kegs. Atlantic Track also maintains a complete inventory of screw spikes, drive spikes and boat spikes.

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