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Rubber Nose Clip Info Crane runway systems can be either hard-mounted or soft-mounted. Such factors as frequency of use, width of the span, weight of the rail, environmental conditions, and size of the crane will determine which system is best for the project.

Atlantic Track & Crane StopTurnout Co. has been selling hard-mounted crane rail systems for over thirty five years. In 1997, Gantry Railing Ltd. of Gloucester, England, appointed Atlantic Track & Turnout Co. as their sole distributor in North America for the original W.S. Atkins & Partners soft-mounted crane rail system. SimplyHook Bolt stated, this system is equal to or better than any system currently in production. Quality is assured by a certified ISO 9002 manufacturing company and product test reports from Lloyd's of London.

The 3120 Clipaddition of the CRANRAIL clip and resilient pad now gives us the opportunity to offer a choice of runway systems. Rail and appropriate hardware9220 Clip for either type of runway can be combined in one shipment from one location.

To determine the correct conventional hold-down unit, enter rail information into the Rail Search tracers. For access to U.K. site and more information on CRANRAIL clips, click on Rubber Nose Clips.

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Brand-to-brand installation is highly recommended on all crane runway construction. The raised brand rail web identification should be on the same side for all connected rails.

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