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Frog Builder Database

The basic parts of a turnout are a frog, a switch, guard rails (when required), and a switch stand.

  • Use our Rail Search first to determine your Rail Weight.
  • Use our Frog Finder below to determine your
    Frog, Turnout Number, and Switch Length.
Rail Weight (lb/Yard):
Length Toe Heel
Your Frog or Turnout Number is:
Your Recommended Switch Length is:
Our Frog Finder requires a browser that understands Javascripts

Most trackwork can be supplied new or used.

To refine your search, contact us and provide the appropriate general and construction information.

General Construction
  • New
  • Used
  • Tangent
  • Curved
  • Solid Manganese Self-Guarded
  • Railbound Manganese Insert
  • Bolted-Rigid
  • Flat Top Manganese
  • Welded Plate
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