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Atlantic Track will identify any new or used rail.

Rail Search DatabaseTee rail was first manufactured in the United States in 1845. Crane rail did not become available until the turn of the century. Generally, tee rail is used for railroad application and crane rail for port facilities. Either can be used for a crane runway system.

Our inventory of new rail contains ninety percent of the rails found in our Rail Rail SectionSearch Database. We have dimensions on practically every rail that was ever produced. Profiles and data sheets of popular domestic and foreign rail sections are also included in our files.

New Rail
We inventory New Railevery type of ASCE, AREA, ARA-A, ARA-B, and CR rail section that is presently produced throughout the world. Each piece of new rail in our inventory is documented by a mill certificate or a test report. Crane rail can be supplied control cooled, end hardened or heat treated.

Relay Rail
Our inventory of relay rail changes according to availability. We can supply rails and matching accessories to meet any specification. Normal inventory consists of rail 140-lb. per yard through 60-lb. per yard. All of our relay rail is guaranteed to be straight, uniform in height and drilling and completely suitable for use in any top-grade track system.

Atlantic Track can also weld, bend, cut, drill and punch rail per your specifications.Fabrication In many cases, we have modified standard equipment to suit the needs of rail-related fabrication. Our technical specialists are at your disposal no matter how large or small the job.


Note: Brand-to-brand installation is highly recommended on all new rail construction. The raised brand rail web identification should be on the same side for all connected rails.

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